Companies with 1-7200 Employees

Companies with 1-45 Locations

Companies with 1-7200 Employees

Companies with 1-45 Locations


Technology solutions to help businesses flourish

Our Founding Story

Solutions from needs to success.

1. Solution Needed

J&K Solutions was started because James and Krista needed a solution. After 20 years of working in corporate Information Technology, James was laid off the Monday after Thanksgiving 2016. With a third child on the way, it was important to quickly find a solution.

2. The Proposed Solution

James had 23 networking meetings in 13 days looking for that next corporate job with benefits. However, as he met with people, they told him they wanted to work with his company and his staff. James formed J&K Solutions to determine if the response would result in new business. The week between Christmas and New Year the first contract was signed and work began in January 2017.

3. A Successful Solution

In the last 5 years, J&K Solutions has continued to grow organically by adding clients and trusted staff. Now our customers rely on us as we provided solutions for their challenges. We look forward to providing solutions for the challenges facing your organization or helping you start a business of your own.

Responsive. Strategic. Thorough. Efficient. Analytical

We provide evaluation services to perform analysis, set strategy, and create a roadmap specific for your journey to the cloud. We also provide migration services, assist with partner and vendor selection, as well as technical project management.

We are vendor-agnostic. Because we don’t sell software or hardware, we can share best practices and recommend the right-sized vendors and affordable software solutions for your exact organization stage.